Since I was in second grade I have always had a love for writing. I remember all of my friends moaning and groaning over the book reports and papers which were required of us while in school. I never complained, in fact I would have gladly written a ten page paper any day over doing math problems.

I have always taken pride in my writing, and pride in the fact that I could write about almost anything. My favorite genre of writing has always been stories of fiction, but need be and I can write a beautiful piece on whatever subject is presented to me.

Recently I have decided to pursue my writing dream.  Though my dreams of becoming a successful best selling novelist have become more realistic over the years, I still hope to one day be able to make my living from writing.

The hardest part of my decision to “come out” as a writer for me is letting others read my work. Of course in school I never minded the teachers reading and grading my work, however other than those few individuals who got to see my projects and papers, no one else has really seen my writing. I’ve always kept my writing close to my heart, and guarded it from others.

Why have I always done this? I can not even answer that question myself. I suppose it was my fear of rejection that wouldn’t allow me to show my friends and family my stories, afraid of the rejection I might receive from them. Even as I am writing this right now, I am still frightened of what they may say to me, but I am also confident that I am ready to show the world what I love to do more than anything else.

I truly hope that one day down the road, when other people ask me what I do for a living I can confidently tell them I am a writer. I hope this blog is just the start of something new and exciting for me, and that it helps open a path for me to reach my dreams.

As such I will post my writings here for all to see, friends, family, and strangers a like, and to those of you who have the same fears as I, you are not alone.